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"BEYOND IDENTITY" - Race, Class, Power and Winning the World We Need

May 26, June 9, and June 23 
3-5pm ET / 12-2pm PT

$70 for entire three session series - no one turned away

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“Beyond Identity” is an online workshop series on the relationship between racism and capitalism. Our goal is to help participants develop a strong political and historical analysis that can direct our energy into social movement spaces focused not on infighting or trying to “get it right,” but on winning the world we need - one where the economy and other social systems are based not on extraction and exploitation, but on care for each another and the planet.

Have you ever wondered just what it would take to end white supremacy? You are showing up as an ally in anti-racist struggle, you are doing your part to dismantle your socialization as a white person … but is it enough? What are our long term goals, and are we taking the steps we need to get there?

Forged in the cauldron of the 13 colonies and soon to be United States, white supremacy redirectedcenturies of resistance by European peasants and laborers to economic exploitation by a small ruling class, effectively paving the way for capitalism as we know it today. We are left with the ravages of racism, genocide, colonialism and imperialism, consuming our lives and the natural world in order to further consolidate economic power in the hands of a very small number of people. 

It is this base of economic power that has to be disrupted and replaced if we are ever to escape the devastation and build the world we need.

White Awake is offering this three session, online workshop series to help activists, organizers, and educators who are working with white identity development to deepen their understanding of the relationship between white supremacy and capitalism and the organizing tools most effective in building collective power to challenge them.

For more information and to register:

Cost: $70 - no one turned away for lack of funds

Produced by White Awake 

“If their strategy is to divide, ours has to be to unite.” 
- Andy Banks. labor organizer

May 26, 2018 at 12pm - 2pm