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CEN Community Social Justice Conversation

May 26th, 9-10:30 am PDT, 12-1:30 pm EDT

 RESOURCES for discussion

These will take about 90 to 120 minutes to read or watch. 



Intention for Social Justice online Conversations:

  • Provide a framework to CEN community for monthly online conversations on social justice issues
  • Invite participants to share their reactions/reflections on resources in a safe and trusting community
  • Invite participants to gain new knowledge and insight about being an elder activist for social justice
  • Invite participants to practice CEN core values in compassionate activism locally and nationally

Guidelines for Conversation:

  • Speak from our own experiences and perspectives.
  • Listen respectfully to the experiences and perspectives of other participants.
  • Be mindful of group process, making sure that everyone has the opportunity to speak and to listen.
  • Use this time as an opportunity for deeper understanding, ethical education and spiritual discernment.
  • Respect confidentiality of personal stories.


Racial injustice, racism, ‘white privilege’ Intention: To provide framework for conversation on racial justice and ‘white privilege’ in safe online CEN community and to explore ways to address racial injustice as elder activists in local and/or national community.

SESSION DESCRIPTION                                                                  90 Minutes

Welcome and Settling In to Online Conversation, Timeframe of meeting, introduce facilitator role, and best practices for online communications.

Review Intention: of Conversation / Guidelines for online community.        

Opening Reading/Ritual                                                                 

Introductions and Check-ins: Share name, where you live and one idea/question/impression that was provoked by your viewing/reading of resources for this session.

Small Groups of 4 persons in break-out sessions, 3 Rounds of sharing:

First Round: Share insights you gained from TED talks, YouTubes and readings. What pieces of information were new to you?

Second Round: Share feelings that arose for you from these resources.  What stories or experiences (recent or long ago) came to the fore for you?                                 

Third Round (referencing CEN Charter): Consider how our conversation today relates to the CEN Charter and your own core values.                                                                                     

Returning to whole group: Participants consider possibilities for action - partners in their local community and/or networking with organizations to bring attention to issues of racial injustice and ‘white privilege’ and continue the conversation. 

Facilitators: Lynne Iser & Pat Hoertdoerfer