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CEN Community Social Justice Online Conversation

Racial Injustice and White Privilege 

These conversations provide a framework for dialogue on racial justice and white privilege, and also for exploring ways to address racial injustice as elder activists in our local and/or national community. (Note: sign up information is at the end of this overview.)

April 28th Discussion Resources:

We Need to Talk About an Injustice: Bryan Stevenson at TED

The Future of Race in America: Michelle Alexander at TEDxColumbus 

Cracking the Codes: Joy DeGruy "A Trip to the Grocery Store"

“I am NOT Black - You Are NOT White” 

 Ancestral Stories of Social Justice

Intention for Social Justice Online Conversations:

  • Invite participants to share their reactions/reflections on resources in a safe and trusting community
  • Invite participants to gain new knowledge and insight about being an elder activist for social justice
  • Invite participants to practice CEN core values in compassionate activism locally and nationally

 Guidelines for Conversation:

  • Speak from our own experiences and perspectives.
  • Listen respectfully to the experiences and perspectives of other participants.
  • Be mindful of group process, making sure that everyone has the opportunity to speak and to listen.
  • Use this time as an opportunity for deeper understanding, ethical education and spiritual discernment.
  • Respect confidentiality of personal stories.

                                            90 minute Session Description    

 Welcome and Settling In                                                                               5 minutes                

~ Timeframe of meeting, introduce facilitator role, and best practices for online communications

Opening Reading or Ritual                                                                               5 minutes

Intention of Conversation/Guidelines for online community                     5 minutes

Introductions and Check-ins                                                                           10 minutes              

~ Name, where you live and one idea/question/impression that was provoked by your viewing/reading of resources for this session

First Round of Conversation                                                                            15 minutes              

~ Possible questions:  What insights did you gain from TED talks, YouTubes and readings?  What pieces of information were new to you?

Second Round of Conversation                                                                       15 minutes              

~ Possible questions:  What feelings arose for you from these resources?  What stories or experiences (recent or long ago) came to the fore for you?

Third Round of Sharing                                                                                       20 minutes              

~ Read 1-2 CEN Value Statements that relate to this session’s focus                                  

~ Invite participants to consider how our conversation today relates to these values and your own core values                                                                                                            

~ Invite participants to consider partners in their local community to bring attention locally to issues of racial injustice and ‘white privilege’ and continue the conversation

Closing Sharing                                                                                                    10 minutes              

~Summarize 1-2 gems of wisdom from conversation today, or read "Stubborn Ounces" poem

~Invite participants to share one thing she/he will take away from our conversation today.

~ Express appreciation and remind everyone of the conversation next month

 Sign Up

If you are interested in joining this monthly conversation please send your contact information (name, city, state, phone) to Lynne Iser or Pat Hoertdoerfer 

 Using Zoom to participate 

a.   Click to download the Zoom application. 

b.   Download should start automatically and will only take a short time

c.   In Downloads on your computer, click Zoom_launcher.exe. (note: the Zoom website should direct you to this with a large orange flag). 

d.  Once Zoom has launched, a screen should pop up asking for your name. This is to identify you during the meeting.

e.  You should now be part of the meeting. In the window of the meeting, click the green button that says JOIN AUDIO BY COMPUTER

f.    For calling in by phone, the number is 646-558-8656. Meeting ID number is 477 209 5159  

If you have any issues joining the meeting please call Laurel Bollinger for help: 530.613.7078