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EAN Educere* (EAN-EDU) is the educational branch of the Elders Action Network (EAN), dedicated to upholding EAN’s mission to boldly confront the foreseen crises of 21st century life on planet Earth.

* Educere: Verb – to educate. Noun – education that prepares a new generation for the changes that are to come, readying them to create solutions to problems yet unknown.


Overview of EAN-EDU

Our Vision is to deepen and broaden our capacity for conscious awareness, contemporary eldering, and networking in support of lifelong learning and the practice of compassionate pro-activism for individuals, groups and the whole.

Our Mission is to connect an inspired and aspiring community of elders by providing relevant courses, retreats, materials, and trainings, both created within EAN or developed by aligned organizations outside of EAN.

This mission includes working with the Outer Action and Community-Building Branches to present knowledge and how-to courses relative to local actions we can each take to achieve greater social and ecological justice. It also includes expressing the results of these educational efforts and opportunities via EAN's Turning Point Journal, wise elder interviews, educational website content, book reviews and resource repositories.  

The Education Branch has two major thrusts:

  1. Provide a growing curriculum of educational offerings that manifest our mission (click here); and
  2. Encompass the EAN action groups and projects that have the overall purpose of educating in order to deepen our understanding of our own consciousness, our relationships with other humans, and our interconnectedness with all other elements of our Earth home.

For more on the scope of EAN-EDU and how we work click here.