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The Elders Climate Action (ECA) Campaign  


Humans are flooding Earth’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gasses. The result is an accelerating global warming of our atmosphere and oceans; this causes a rapidly changing Earth’s climate. Understanding the impact of this and options for addressing it is a matter of science. Yet partisan politics and fossil fuel corporate influence are causing gridlock in addressing this disruption. Their inaction threatens the security, economy, health, and well-being of our grandchildren and future generations. In fact, climate disruption threatens all life forms.

Climate scientists are virtually unanimous in telling us that:

(1)  We are creating and prolonging a serious problem that can only be addressed and solved if we act decisively and quickly; and

(2)  All future life will suffer catastrophic consequences if we don’t.

The voice of the elders is desperately needed! Elders have life experiences to take a long view. Elders have been leaders 


throughout human history in focusing attention on the needs of future generations. ECA has been formed to reclaim this role and 

pursue a vigorous campaign with ambitious goals in response to the threat of climate disruption.


ECA’s mission is to mobilize elders throughout the United States to address climate change while there is still time to protect the well-being of our grandchildren, future generations, and all life.  We are dedicated to using the power of our caring, wisdom, and numbers to push for policies that will reduce greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere to a level consistent with life thriving on our planet.

2020 Vision

ECA’s 2020 vision is to build a membership of one million elders engaged in working to prevent ecological disaster for our grandchildren and future generations. It is to be generally recognized as one of the nation’s top-tier organizations in terms of influence on policies regarding climate change.

Core Values

  • Encourage and support leadership development in teams and members;
  • Empower members to be active participants in fulfilling our mission;
  • Embrace a culture of learning so that skills and experience are shared;
  • Embrace collaboration with organizations that share our mission;
  • Be inclusive, encouraging membership by all elders, striving to include all segments of American society, and seeking involvement of members in all aspects of decision-making; and
  • Encourage member driven initiatives.

Further Information

To learn more about the Elders Climate Action campaign, history, on-going activity, future national meetings, and formation of local chapters and teams, go to Elders Climate Action.