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Teams and Partners

EAN is comprised of three topic-focused Branches that are national in scope, and regional groups that provide individual and project support at the local level. We partner with other organizations that provide complementary elder programs and sources of relevant information.  

EAN Branches and Their Action Groups

We pursue our mission with activity in three Branches: Education, Outer Action, and Community Building. Each Branch is made up of associated Action Groups and Project teams. 


Our Education Branch encompasses the EAN action groups and projects that have the overall purpose of education, aiming to provide essential knowledge and to deepen our understanding of our own consciousness, our relationships with other humans, and our inter-connectedness with all other elements of our Earth home. Our purpose is to provide these resources for the entire EAN community of elders. 

Our Education Branch is led by a central course development and integration team (EAN-EDU). We offer the beginning of a core education curriculum that continues to emerge. Visit EAN-EDU.

Outer Action

Our EAN outer action thrust is to engage elder individuals and community groups to make positive differences in both (a) addressing the environmental degradation and social injustice problems of our Western society; and (b) evolving and practicing new regenerative, sustainable ways of living that are consistent with our relationship to our Earth home.

At this time we have three action groups engaged in solution-advocacy projects: Elders Climate ActionElders Activists for Social Justice and Regenerative Sustainable Living  

Community Building

Our Community Building Branch purpose is to connect interested elders seeking to join us with opportunities of engagement with either local teams or nationwide action groups. Our goal is to build and support a network of local or regional elder circles and cause-related chapters across North America so that we manifest "think globally and act locally". We are expanding this Branch to provide the resources and training required for local teams being sustained and fulfilled. The Branch purpose also includes building partnerships with other elder service organizations that complement our mission. 

EAN Partners

Partners either add to our education offerings in terms of courses and retreats, or offer complementary services that add to our skill and know-how. Visit EAN Partners.