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Conscious Living, Aging and Dying


It is important to recognize the gift of being able to make choices, even though we cannot know or control the future. In some areas we may face limitations because of personal beliefs, family, religious or cultural practices and state laws.

PondFlowers.jpgConscious dying involves openly exploring all the possibilities and identifying our priorities about how we choose to live and die. Making decisions and communicating those choices regarding End of Life to our significant others, families, and legal and medical representatives, both in conversation and in writing, is essential.

As conscious elders, joined in the web of life with all beings, we recognize that conscious living is inextricably linked with conscious dying. Once we embrace our mortality and prepare for our death, we can truly enjoy and fully appreciate those years that we have yet to live.

“For someone who has prepared, dying comes not as defeat but as celebration,
the crowning and most glorious moment of life.”
   ~Sogyal Rinpoche

The Gift of Choice: Issues, Questions, Options

On the following pages, we offer information about accessing resources through links to other websites, YouTube videos, films, more detailed articles on specific topics, and books that may be particularly helpful. We also offer stories about how some of these new options are being lived out in the lives of conscious elders and their loved ones. Our intent is to pose questions and possibilities for consideration, rather than provide answers. Click here

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CEN’s Conscious Living, Aging & Dying (CLAD) Team is enthusiastically announcing that we are now having a monthly Death Café for more information click HERE. 


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For more information or to get involved with the Conscious Living, Aging and Dying team, please contact Pam Nichols.