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Elder Activists Social Justice 

Community Conversation



Thursday, Dec 14th 9 - 10am PST      Noon - 1pm EST

followed by our weekly “Team Planning Meeting” at:

10 - 11am PST      1 - 2pm EST


You are welcome to join us for all or any part of the meeting

Our Community Conversations are open to all

This months Community Conversation will focus on the Conversations and Resources from the past year, with the following questions in mind:

  • What have we learned from our EASJ Conversations this past year?

  • Along with the above, how can we create healing relationships with ourselves, with those who have been harmed, with our Ancestors, Mother Earth and the Creator?

  • How have we been inspired to take action?  

  • Are there universal moral values that can be held in common?

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All are welcome and inviting friends is encouraged! 

Our Year in Review:

For most of the past year, we Elder Activists for Social Justice Team in CEN have been studying the systemic racism and oppression that Indigenous/Native peoples endure in the United States today, and the roots of this injustice in history. We learned, some of us for the first time, about the Doctrine of Discovery dating from the 15th century and still enshrined in law today. 

We invite you to reacquaint yourself with our Declaration on the Doctrine of Discovery:   

In addition, you might look through our videos and resources from the last year- there is a lot there, so spend what time you want; the videos are particularly good.

Other resources tied into our topic this month:

Winona LaDuke (Anishinaabe activist) -speaks on the process of apology, redemption and healing; through the story of the Pawnee tribe and the return home to their native land in Nebraska. (13 mins

Seeing Wetiko: On Capitalism, Mind Viruses, and Antidotes for a World in Transition By Alnoor Ladha & Martin Kirk

Wetiko is an Algonquin word for a cannibalistic spirit that is driven by greed, excess, and selfish consumption. It deludes its host into believing that cannibalizing the life-force of others (others in the broad sense, including animals and other forms of Gaian life) is a logical and morally upright way to live.

Terra Nullius and the History of Broken Treaties at Standing Rock by Kiana Herold, November 14, 2016, Intercontinental Cry

The founding of the United States is predicated on a painful contradiction between principles of equality and the rule of law on one side, and the colonial appropriation of land from Native peoples on the other.  The resistance at Standing Rock against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is inscribed in this contradiction.

The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Doctrine of Native Genocide By Tim Scott, Truthout | News Analysis December 06, 2016      

A short history of the “Doctrine of Discovery,” set out in Papal Bulls in the 15th century, that facilitated conquest, genocide and the structure of settler colonialism in the US--and continues to justify the violent theft of Native lands.

Team Planning Meeting

10 - 11am PST      1 - 2pm EST

We will have our monthly “planning meeting” where we work together to get into action, as individuals and as an organization. ALL ARE WELCOME.

We will send out a more complete agenda closer to the date, generally our agenda follows this order:

  1. Reports on broader CEN actions/policies

  2. EASJ Structure discussion

  3. EASJ Outreach discussion

  4. Task reports and assignments

  5. Announcements

  6. Closure

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How to Join the Conversation

We will be using Zoom video conferencing, which is very easy to access by computer, or regular telephone. If you choose to use your tablet or smartphone, be sure to download the Zoom app ahead of time. We will be starting each meeting on time so please connect 15 minutes before the call so that the host can help with any technical difficulties or questions you may have. Once the call starts the host will be not be able to help with connection issues. Once you are connected via Zoom you are welcome mute your microphone and turn off your video until just before the meeting starts - or you may enjoy chatting with others in the meeting while you wait

Link here for instruction and access to Zoom conferencing

December 14, 2017 at 9am - 11am
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