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Exploring Our Ancestral Stories of Social Justice

Join us for the next CEN Elder Activists for Social Justice Team Meeting

Thursday, March 9th    9 to 11 am PST    Noon - 2 pm EST

via Zoom Videoconference

The first hour of our meeting is a facilitated discussion for the whole CEN community. This discussion is based on resources provided by your friendly conveners, Pat Hoertdoerfer and Molly Arthur. This year our EASJ focus has been on exploring the history and legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery and how it has affected European colonizers and Indigenous peoples since 1492. Last month we heard a story of life in an Indian Boarding School by Native Charles King. This month we will concentrate our attention on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Our goal is to stimulate reflection, conversation and appropriate action toward justice and healing.  

Click HERE for the meetings resources.

The second hour of the call will be our monthly “business meeting” where we work together to get into action, as individuals, and as an organization. During the second hour, participants will discuss taking their learning home to possible actions large and small in their own family and local community. 

We hope you can join us!

-Pat and Molly


How to join the Zoom videoconference   It's really easy!