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RESOURCES for February 16th Meeting 

  • 7 minutes -  NPR News  2012, US, good history of US-Indian Boarding Schools

Current Connections with Indigenous

  • Corrina Gould explains California history of her ancestors, Ohlone enslavement in local Bay Area Missions, and the results of todays on-going Invisibility of CA Indians. Part 1 -9 minutes and Part 2-6 minutes

  • 9 minutes - Women Defenders in Amazon, interviews- group now local in SF Bay Area- monthly prayer gatherings at New Moon

  • 5 minutes - Winona Laduke on renaming and decolonizing language of empire

More Resources:

  • 15 minutes -  Tedx on Pine Ridge, lots of photos.

  • 12 minutes - Truth and Reconciliation in Maine on adoption of Indian kids. First Light is a 13-minute film independently documenting the work of the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the first such task force in US history to investigate issues important to Native Americans. Very moving.