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Elder Activists for Social Justice 




As Elders, we feel a moral responsibility to address the many challenges facing our communities and to discover ways in which to offer our resources, wisdom, and generativity in service of the preservation and protection of life for future generations. The purpose of the EASJ Team is to educate and engage a movement of Elders with social justice issues so that together we can create a more just and thriving world for all.

Our mission is to educate ourselves, share our growing understanding of these issues, and encourage collaborative, active engagement to address these issues as we build the EASJ Team.


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Some of the questions that we ask:

  • How can we deepen and expand our understanding of issues of social justice and become allies to people who have been marginalized by our society?
  • How do these underlying social justice issues -- oppression, inequality, racism, white privilege – affect all of us?
  • How do we explore the intersection of social, economic and environmental justice, which are each rooted in separation - the disconnection of individuals from each other, from our nurturing planet Earth, and from a source of spiritual guidance?

Our actions are divided between the study of social justice issues and coordinating

effective responses to these issues within EAN, our local communities, and in our nation.

It’s 3:23 in the morning and I’m awake, because my great, great grandchildren
…ask me in dreams, “What did you do while the planet was plundered?  -Drew Dellinger





Community Conversation    3rd Thursday of the month     9 - 10:30 am PDT   /  12 - 1:30 pm EDT
We participate together over ZOOM in a lightly facilitated, educational and interactive conversation. We have time to deep dive into our topics using an Elder and Social Justice lens- always provocative, meaningful and community-oriented.

We began, 3 years ago, by looking at issues related to racism, white privilege, wealth inequality, and Islamophobia, and have recently studied Native people’s history, reconciliation and the moral voice of an elder.  Each month’s topic grows from the previous months and the interests of those attending.

Approximately two weeks before each meeting we may post resources about our subject which include relevant readings, videos, articles, and introspective questions. Our meeting format is participatory, and everyone has a chance to interact and share. All meetings are via ZOOM- click for instruction and access to Zoom conferencingALL ARE WELCOME

EASJ  Planning Meeting    Wednesday after Community Conversation     9 - 10:30 am PDT   /  12 - 1:30 pm EDT
In this planning  team meeting, we continue to plan for collaborative, active engagement to address social justice issues. We consider resolutions of support for actions and organizations and decide how we want to be Elders in the public square as well as how to live in Right Relationship with all life for a just and thriving future.  Via ZOOM- click for instruction and access to Zoom conferencingALL ARE WELCOME

We support US Department of Arts and Culture's Guide to HONOR NATIVE LAND. Click HERE for a 2 page explanation on how to open all public events and gatherings with acknowledgment of the traditional Native inhabitants of the land. We expect to use this guide in our meetings and gatherings. Click HERE to read a full treatise on the background and intention of this public effort. And HERE is where you can put in your zip code to explore which territory you may be in. 



Resolution in Support of The Green New Deal                                          


Resolution on the inhumane, uncaring and unethical immigration system being propagated by the policies of the administration of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, June 2018


Stand with the Gwich'in People Hear the voice of one of the last Native Nations who still depend on direct contact with Natural systems for a way of life in Alaska. 

Sign our Resolution of Support
Sign their petition
Visit their website

Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival- We are organizing Elders to participate in this campaign to revitalize Martin Luther King's dream to eradicate poverty, and provide an opportunity for every American.

Visit their website and sign up to be involved


Amah Mutsun Tribal Band- See our letter of support to prevent a quarry on their sacred land in central, coastal California, called Project Juristac. See a video on this project. Sign their petition here and our Resolution of Supportof their lifeways. See Chairman Val Lopez talking about Project Juristac at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, April 2018

See this inspiring video on the tribal band collaboration with UC Berkeley, February 2018:

Berkeley, Amah Mutsun tribe excavate ancient practices to save animals, plants, land

Wonderful video on their Sacred Mountain, September, 2017 

Visit their website here

March for Our Lives See our Resolution of support for the youth who are guiding us to gun control and political activism. Visit their website here.

Standing Rock Resolution of Support We have supported Standing Rock Sioux and their continuing efforts to keep fossil fuel in the ground. Several of our members participated in the camps at Standing Rock.Give to their innovative and ground-breaking Health Center associated with UCSF.  Visit their website here.

Renouncing the Doctrine of Discovery- the 15th century Papal edict which empowered European nations to conquer and subjugate Indigenous people in the Americas, Africa, and India.  As we studied its continuing impact on modern life we urge all to organize and renounce this Doctrine.   

Read and Sign our Declaration on the Doctrine of Discovery


ELDERS STANDING is a growing network of individuals and organizations, a powerful voice for elders who want to bring our collective wisdom and experience to solving the problems of our time; following the traditions of our ancestors -- as Elders speaking for the common good.


ELDERS STANDING goal is to spur activism among those who are looking to create a future for all.

Please join our Elders Standing - Elders of Conscience and Action - Visit for some great photos and postings- please "Like" our Facebook page.


  • Raise awareness and affirm elders as respected guardians of the wellbeing of future generations as we share stories of Elders who are standing, speaking and acting for the welfare of all.
  • Create a network of individuals and organizations that embrace our vision, so that we can mutually support and publicize each other’s major actions.
  • Stand together in selected campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of those issues; and, encourage elders who currently are sitting on the sidelines to take a stand for their vision and legacy, both locally and nationally.

Some examples of our actions and those we admire:

  • Elders Standing For Democracy Spring -- 85 elders and youngers were arrested to reclaim democracy, get money out of politics and restore voting rights.

  • Elders Climate Action Day - 135 elders gathered for a conference, followed by a day of lobbying and two “flash mobs” – raising awareness and eyebrows!  See the Flash Mob we Elders did in the Union Station, Washington DC. Click the photo below to see Elders in action at the US Capital.

  • The Elders of Standing Rock – who stopped the DAPL for a bit of time, and created a powerful movement based on their traditional values while nurturing the vision of their younger partners.


EASJ Calendar

Events of Organizations supported by Elder Activists Social Justice Team

Archive of Videos and Resources of past Community Conversations

EASJ's 2018-2019 Strategic Plan  We have a number of initiatives planned tying into our strategic plan-come work with us! 

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