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The Empowered Elder
Elder Action Network's Foundation Workshop

Let's get to know each other!

The Empowered Elder, Elder Action Network's Foundation Workshop, aims to build a community of conscious elders across the country. Meet your fellow workshop attendees.

Name, Location


Constance Washburn
Lagunitas, CA, north of the Golden Gate Bridge

Currently passionate about...
My new grandbaby girl, yoga, hiking, working on converting a golf course to a model of regenerative agriculture and salmon habit and some human habitat too. Inspiring people to grow networks and communities to co create the more beautiful world we know is possible.

As well as facilitating the Empowered Elder Webinar I am currently co-leader and facilitator of the Spiral Journey- a yearlong online Facilitator Development Program in the Work That Reconnects. I am on the core Weavers Team of the Work That Reconnects Network and on the Board of Gaia Girls.

I served as Education Director at the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) and Marin Organic for almost 20 years and co-founded and directed, the Marin Agriculture and Education Alliance which brought together countywide agricultural and educational organizations.

I have a MA in Education and Theater and ran educational theater companies on the East Coast. I have certificates in the Ecology of Leadership and Permaculture Design from the Regenerative Design Institute and one in Transforming Business, Society, and Self from U.Lab MITx. I am a mindfulness/ meditation instructor in the Vajrayana Tradition and a long time yoga practitioner and have completed 3 yoga teacher trainings.

Marianne Rowe
Pacific Grove, CA

Currently passionate about...
I am currently passionate about being in relationship with life from a place of gratitude, generosity, curiosity and wonder. Feeling that I'm living my calling, I am loving opportunities to witness and support healing and evolution in myself and others. I am passionate about deepening my awareness of connection with the natural world every day. I am very happy that at this point in my life I feel joyful, inspired and satisfied ... especially when I feel challenged by circumstances that arise. I am passionate about being in cahoots with Totality.

I am a psychotherapist, meditation teacher, relational facilitator, and artist. In my work and personal life, I am dedicated to enhancing awareness and connection with oneself, with others and the world. As a founding teacher of Monterey Bay Meditation Studio ( and founder of the Mindful Education Project (, I have been teaching mindfulness to children, youth, and adults since 2007. Through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, I am a Certified Conscious Aging Facilitator and offer workshops exploring emotional, psychological and spiritual responses to the challenges and opportunities of aging. As a Certified Forest Therapy Guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, I lead Forest Bathing sessions and engage connection with Nature as part of my personal and professional practice. In my private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist (, my therapeutic work incorporates developing consciousness of and integrating the physiological, cognitive, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of being. I also adore hanging out with my friends, having unscheduled time, just sitting with the moon and listening to the ocean.

Marian Kennedy
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Currently passionate about...
connecting with nature

US born, living in NL. Former attorney and entrepreneur. Dedicated meditator, looking to find or create community of people striving to be conscious elders.

Kathleen Coyne
Gibsons, BC Canada

Currently passionate about...
social justice and our environment

I am recently retired from full-time work and spending some time discerning next life commitments. My work was in the social justice field but now I want to figure out where my gifts would have the most enduring benefit for the next generation. I live in a small town where I have ubiquitous opportunities to connect with nature. I have beautiful grandchildren and am wondering if there is yet more for me to do to leave the world a better place for them and other children of the world.

Art Mitchell
Fairfax Station, Virginia

Currently passionate about...
conscious aging and environmental activism

I am a transformation coach and biodiversity consultant who has worked in 17 countries over four decades. My coaching focus is consciousness transformation and integration, specializing in retirement, conscious aging, career transition, leadership, psycho-spiritual integration, creativity, goal setting, action planning and engagement with community and global change. I have an AB in zoology from UC Berkeley and MPhil & PhD in biological anthropology and forestry (conservation biology) from Yale. I have written several books and am finalizing “Grateful Not Dead: Rewire Your Retirement, Refire Your Purpose and Stop Worrying About the Money”.

Marlin Murdock
Houston, TX

Currently passionate about...
Aging community and end of life support

I am a retired professional from Human Resources and educational Leadership. I am a very active individual and involved in important community service and activism.

Diane Greenaway
Buffalo, NY

Currently passionate about...
To live justice and do justice.

I am a retired social worker. I attended the Age-ing Sage-ing Conference in October in Minneapolis and was challenged to return home and welcome my "elderhood" and to live it to the fullest. The opportunity to engage in facilitated conversations with people across the globe about issues so important to our world is energizing for me and I look forward to each session.

Anne Adams
Half Moon Bay, CA

Currently passionate about...
co creating a transformed world; education, business, politics, media

Anne has worked with many Fortune 50 companies and educational institutions both nationally and internationally for more than 32 years. She has designed and led individual, cultural and organizational transformation programs through integrating many diverse methodologies and philosophies….in deep, systemic, transformation initiatives - for individuals, teams, corporations, professional groups and educational institutions. She has extended her focus on integral educational practices – accentuating the need to understand and honor the essential nature of human beings, e.g. developing, and connecting all of our intelligences - mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual.

Ellen Stone
Los Angeles, CA

Currently passionate about...
Rectifying the current state of this country - Climate Change - Learing about becoming an elder (Stephen Jenkinson).

Ellen Stone Belic is passionate about bringing the voices, vision, and vocabulary of peripheral perspectives into the larger cultural discourse. To that end, she has been an advisor of the Chicago MCA Stage, a supporter of the Heidi Latsky Dance Ensemble for able-bodied and handicapped dancers, and a member of The Feminist Lens women’s media group working with sexual abuse survivors. Ellen created and funds “In Her Infinite Wisdom,” a lecture series celebrating elder women artists for the Chicago Humanities Festival. She served as a long-time trustee of Columbia College Chicago where she founded the Institute for the Study of Women and Gender in the Arts and Media. She is also a member of the Threshold Foundation, a progressive donor group. A seasoned psychotherapist with 30 years’ teaching and clinical experience, Ellen now teaches meditation and its life applications, collaborating, for example, with breast cancer survivors (Recovery on Water) in the application of meditation practice to team building and athletic prowess. These days she divides her time between Chicago and LA, where her four children reside and where she is an active member of the Topanga Blue Flag Daré , a healing collective that applies Shamanic practices and dreams to raise individual and collective consciousness. Ellen is currently finishing a memoir about the search for meaning after her husband’s tragic death.

Linda Dinger
Hamburg, NY (a suburb of Buffalo, NY)

Currently passionate about...
Legacy, Being a grandparent; learning from and with my grandchildren (ages 13-22) about how to influence positive change in the world/Paying attention to where hope and gratitude lives. Planting seeds for the future...


I have been blessed with rich experiences throughout my life. Who I am and who I am still becoming are woven with the challenges and gifts of parenthood and grand-parenthood, a satisfying career as a social work practitioner and educator and now an elder learning what it means to explore new territory once again.

Minx Boren
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Currently passionate about...
Staying active and relevant, engaged and kind. Being a lifelong learner.

I am a Master Certified Coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation. Life coaching has been my passion and my life’s work for 20 years now, pretty much since the whole idea of coaching as a profession first began. I am also the author/co-author of a dozen books, a poet, and a columnist for several print and online magazines. I have been producing my own newsletters for the past 6 years. The current version is called Balance Points and comes out every other week. In addition, I am a motivational speaker and workshop leader/facilitator. I am passionate about all these roles and activities.

I am also passionate about being a longtime community activist and have, among other things, served as President of Executive Women of the Palm Beaches and am now serving my 10th year on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Foundation of Florida. Most recently, after presenting at the Sage-ing International Conference in Minnesota in December, I am looking forward to becoming more involved with the Elders Action Network, which is already profoundly influencing my thoughts and activities.

Theresa Reid
Ann Arbor, MI

Currently passionate about...
destruction of the environment, income inequality, militarism, the Green New Deal, my children, great music, & great fiction, including everything by Ruth Ozeki

In April I'll have amassed 66 years of life experience. I have two precious daughters, now young adults, whom many moons ago we adopted from Eastern Europe (my book, Two Little Girls: A Memoir of Adoption, tells the story). I have a PhD in English from the University of Chicago, with a dissertation on 150 years of discourse on child sexual abuse in fiction and nonfiction (sociology of lit). My entire working life has been in the nonprofit sector, primarily in child maltreatment, also in university-based arts. Currently I'm developing a TV show with our local community television station (CTN) called "Aging for Life," exploring issues in aging. I'm very excited to have enrolled in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course through the Ann Arbor Center for Mindfulness. It starts in March. Yay!