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The Empowered Elder
Elders Action Network's Foundation Workshop

Welcome to EAN's Foundation Workshop Hub. Here you will find information, homework, and resources for the Workshop. We will upload new homework for each session so check back regularly. Please bookmark this page so that you may access it easily in the future. It does not appear on the Elders Action Network website and is only accessible through the link provided in your email.

Foundation Workshop Overview 

Homework Introduction

Recordings of ALL Sessions 

Participant Contact List


Pre-Session 1 Homework   Being an Elder 

Post-Session 1  Journaling and Daily Practices

Session1 If-you-have-extra-time  Resources


Pre-Session 2 Homework   Growing in Consciousness

Post-Session 2  Journaling and Daily Practices

Session 2  If-you-have-extra-time Resources


Pre-Session 3 Homework    Opening to the Crises Facing our World

Post-Session 3  Journaling and Daily Practices

Session 3   If-you-have-extra-time  Resources


Pre-Session 4 Homework   The Great Turning / Ecological Revolution 

Post-Session 4   Journaling and Daily Practices  

Session 4   If-you-have-extra-time Resources 

Session 4   Quotes and Poems 


Pre-Session 5 Homework  Sacred Activism

Post-Session 5    Journaling and Daily Practices  

 Session 5   Quotes and Poems

Session 5   If-you-have-extra-time Resources


Pre-Session 6 Homework   Taking Action Together for All Life 

CEN Engagement Opportunities