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Stand with the Gwich’in People of the Arctic

Updated Action Information - Please do what is asked-- The 60 day comment period ends June 19.

Stand with the Gwich'in People Hear the voice of one of the last Native Nations who still depend on direct contact with Natural systems for a way of life.

Stand with the Gwich'in People. Hear the voice of one of the last Native Nations who still depend on direct contact with natural systems for a way of life.

Make it known that you believe we should leave Arctic oil in the ground. The potential threat to the caribou is not worth the risk.

The Bureau of Land Management is proceeding with oil lease sales as rapidly as possible; we only have until June 19 to comment.  Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, Chair of Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee can be emailed directly by clicking the following link:

Senator Murkowski wrote the rider to the recent tax bill that not only opened the Arctic Refuge to drilling but also requires the Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management to sell oil  leases immediately.

A direct link to Bureau of Land Management email comment window is here. (It will come down June 19).  To connect with the Alaskan Arctic Refuge Letter Writing campaign, contact Julianne Warren project of the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition).

with Bcc to:

Background story:

The vast buffalo herds of central North America were not enough meat to satisfy the rapacious appetite of Manifest Destiny.  That ravenous beast had to turn North at the Pacific Ocean and now roams the Arctic Slope hungry for that last free-roaming herds in North America.  Two hundred thousand Arctic Caribou have evolved on the lands the insatiable beast covets today. Are we as a nation willing to give them up?

A small segment of humanity (including the Gwich’in people) has evolved with the caribou and lives in harmony with Nature’s wild balance. Most of us today can only find that worldview buried somewhere in our deep genetic memory.

Let us say “NO” to the destruction of the pristine parts of the Circumpolar North that reside in the United States of America. Let us remember that WE Are Responsible. Let us remember the short time it took to destroy those vast herds of buffalo. Let us remember the horrific injustice of destroying the many lifeways of the people who lived on this land when Europeans arrived.

Let us step beyond guilt, shame, and sorrow for that which is gone, and stand in joy and respect with the Gwich’in People. Let us honor their interdependence with caribou and support their not-yet-destroyed way of life.

Click to their website now--  Hear what they have to say. Share your financial resources: Make a donation.  

Click HERE to read and sign the EASJ/CEN Resolution for the Gwich’in People.  

Sign it, copy it, and send it to your Congressperson and Senator.

Please don't delay... Do it now.