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Post-Session 1  Journaling and Daily Practicers

Journal Questions

What are my strengths as an Elder? What role do I play? Will I play?

What gifts do I bring to my family, my community, the planet?

What Elder tasks am I engaged in and which am I growing into?

Who is a wise Elder in my life or experience?

What are the messages in my community and in the media about seniors or about getting older?  What are my beliefs about aging?

What am I grateful for in my life? How do I feel when I practice gratitude? 



Take 10 -20 minutes a day to sit quietly and bring your attention to your breath. Rest in awareness of the present moment. Gently bring your mind back to the breath when it wanders off.


Practice gratitude. Upon waking and upon going to sleep bring to mind 3 or more new things each day to be grateful for.

Deep Listening

Practice deep listening whenever you are in conversation. Bring your whole self present for the other person. Notice when you are planning what comes next rather than listening.