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Session 1: Being an Elder
Pre-Session Homework

Session 1 Aspirations for Participants:

  • Understanding what it means to be an Elder
  • Be inspired by a vision of the highest potential of elderhood
  • Become grounded in the present moment and gratitude
Pre-Session Homework

Following are suggested videos and readings that you may choose from to enrich our first session together. Be sure to watch the first two videos by Constance.  


Introduction to CEN Foundations Workshop   Constance Washburn  (20 min)

Core Practices of Cen Foundations Workshop   Constance Washburn  (12 min)

Spiritual Eldering   Rabbi Zalman Schachter   (8 min)

Gratitude as a Revolutionary Act    Joanna Macy  (6 min)

How can mindfulness change your life?   Jon Kabat Zinn   (24 min; for those who are not familiar with mindfulness)


**CEN Foundation Workshop Overview  (2 pages)

**Homework Introduction  (2 pages)

Quotes and Poems  (2 pages)

Tasks of Elders  (1 page)

Traditional Roles of Elders  (1 page)

** These are repeated from the opening page - you may already have read them.