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Post-Session 3 Journaling and Daily Practices


A quiz to discover your biggest areas of resource consumption, and to learn what one can do to tread more lightly on the Earth. What's your footprint? 

Journal Questions

  • When I open my heart and am conscious of  the crises facing the world I…….

  • What breaks my heart most about what is happening in the world today is…….

  • I turn away from the heartbreak and pain by…...

  • When I allow the pain to break my heart open, I …...

  • Ways I can reduce my carbon footprint are…...

  • Ways I can connect to and support those who are marginalized are…… 



When you listen to the news or read about the many crises happening all over the planet, can you remember to breathe through the emotions and neither cut them off nor go into reactivity? Can you let your heart break and act on behalf of life? How is your pain for the world a reflection of your love and passion for life.


Can I remember gratitude for my interconnections to the earth, to all humanity (even to ones we don’t like), to the stars? Gratitude for water, food, sky, bird song, children’s smiles...all that is given us freely by the earth.

Deep Listening

Practice when you are listening to the news or to friends and family talking about what is upsetting them.