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Story of Oneness

When today's elders were born:Elder+Child

  • The collapse of fisheries was not a problem.
  • Overgrazing, erosion, desertification were not problems.
  • No one talked about climate change or global warming.

What has happened in our lifetime?

We all know the crisis facing humanity today.

To ensure a healthy planet for our great grandchildren when they are 70, we humans have to change the way we live.

How do we learn what we need to do?Earthrise

The first astronauts to explore the moon brought back not only information and rocks from the moon, but a profound experience of our beautiful planet: It’s a single, unified jewel suspended in space. It’s the only home for the 7.2 billion humans living on Earth today. And it will be the only home for the perhaps billions more when our grandchildren turn 70.

First, we need to know...

How did we get here, and what caused this mess? The clues of how to create a sustainable, just, and meaningful life are housed in the story of the Universe and the story of life on Earth. The future belongs to those who can balance our needs with the gifts of Earth. Then we will evolve into a new species of Homo Sapiens in harmony with Earth.

The Story of Oneness section will soon address:

What is the Story? Where does it begin? How does it unfold? How did we get to where we are?

What does the Story show us? What do we learn from the Story - about who we are and how we are to live?

How do I apply the lessons of the Story? How do I make the Story integral to my daily life - personal, family, community, workplace?

What resources are available to help understand, adapt, and adopt the Story? Websites, books, storytellers, films, etc.

For more information about and/or to get involved with the Story of Oneness team, please contact Pat Hoertdoerfer or Geoff Ainscow.