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EAN Meta Value: Reverence for Life 

Web of LifeAs elders, we acknowledge our own fundamental wholeness, in relationship with all living beings joined in the web of life. This understanding and experience allows conflict to be resolved, non-violence to be practiced, reconciliation to succeed, and peace to be restored.

These organizational values and principles guide our living and hold us accountable:

  1. Inclusivity  We include and welcome authentic relationships with diverse individuals in all generations, learning from and integrating a full variety of leadership capacities to collaboratively address the urgent issues we face in the 21st century.

  2. Community  Embracing the genius of community and the rich potential for inspired co-creation, we value the way right relationships can provide guidance beyond what any one individual can access.

  3. Integrity  We model integrity, committing ourselves to speak and act in alignment with our values and principles, in order to bring our best selves forward.

  4. Presence  We strive to be present and responsive in the moment, to approach life with flexible minds and whole hearts, and to become increasingly able to navigate uncertainty, ambiguity, and paradox with contentment.

  5. Deep Dialogue  Through deep dialogue, including non-judgmental listening, we willingly open to the unknown and the unexpected, inviting our minds and hearts to explore subtle meaning and to gain new depths of understanding.

  6. Innovation  Using our imaginations and creativity to broaden perspective and replace outdated paradigms with new ones, we innovate freely, weaving ancient wisdom and modern knowledge together.

  7. Justice  We choose holistic justice as our priority, pledging to uphold the rights of all without discrimination, to help foster a social and natural environment that supports fairness and dignity for all living beings.

  8. Sustainability  The challenge of developing a sustainable world calls us to discover and to live the best possible legacy to serve current needs without violating the welfare of future generations.

  9. Compassionate Caring  Our choice to be compassionately caring means that we cultivate empathy for all beings and strive to relieve suffering with loving kindness, forgiveness and reconciliation, honoring all of us unconditionally in the web of life.