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Reclaiming the time-honored role of elders in service to their communities, we envision a multi-ethnic, multi-faith, intergenerational, interdependent society founded on respect for the inherent rights of all living beings on a healthy planet, with an equal-opportunity economy and a peace-centered culture.


Our mid-term (e.g., 10-year) milestone along the path toward this vision will manifest as several local, regional, and statewide demonstrations of this transforming society. These include:

  • Ecologically sustainable, resilient, just, caring and safe communities and collaborative housing formations;
  • Reaffirmation and return to democratic governance that attenuates today’s dominant influence of the wealthy; and
  • Fair and equitable economic and social opportunities for all, revitalized public education, a growing culture of environmental stewardship, and enactment of supporting policies and legislation.

Our near-term (e.g., three-year) milestone, achieved by imagining and working together, includes the following:

  • Development of the new social paradigm description consistent with our far term vision and the series of steps or milestones along the path that we will follow to evolve to that paradigm;
  • Strong, well defined and actuated action groups, an extensive network of like-minded individuals and partner organizations, and an effective distributed leadership model that guides us on our path; and
  • A growing movement of over 10,000 elders engaged in the many aspects of this enterprise while attending to individual and social growth in awareness and consciousness.

Integral to achieving these milestones, our cultural shift includes a resurgence of the roles of faith-based organizations and spirituality. It provides the moral underpinnings and education for growth in our societal inner consciousness. This guides us as we embrace and pursue this movement together.